Let the clean “squeak” for itself

When it comes to selling your home, a spotless, tidy, squeaky clean home will sell ten times faster than one that’s showing signs of dirt, dust, grease and grime. A bathroom or kitchen that has moldy tile, stained grout or streaked and smudged cabinets or fixtures tells the buyer that the homeowner has not been fastidious about cleaning these important living spaces. Lack of cleanliness is a huge turnoff to a buyer. Thoroughly clean the entire house including closets and cabinets, light fixtures, fireplaces and even garages, basements and attics.

Declutter as you clean

The perfect time to declutter your house is during the deep cleaning process. As you move items off counters, tables, shelves and bookcases in order to scrub, polish or dust, pack up all clutter and knickknacks so that your home will appear neat and tidy. Label your boxes and store them in the cellar or garage, or rent a storage unit and retrieve the items once you’ve moved. A cluttered house feels dirty even if it’s immaculately clean.

Don’t take it personally

Sellers need to depersonalize their home so that clients can imagine the property as their own. Buyers need to help sellers make the transition between “this is your house that’s up for sale” to “this is my house I am going to buy.” Personal photos, family portraits, trophies or any item that is specific to the seller can stop the needed transition that must take place for a buyer to fall in love with the house and make an offer. Personal tastes, colours and décor that are uncommon, bold or out of the norm will also make potential buyers feel like they’re trespassing in someone’s home rather than viewing a home in which they can see themselves living.

Hire the right agent

Once your home is clean, decluttered and impersonal–think hotel suite– it’s time to choose a real estate agent. A competent agent will make you feel confident about the sale of your home. An aggressive agent will work hard to locate potential buyers. An experienced agent won’t make newbie mistakes, and an agent who networks and uses social media will be able to use his or her web of contacts to get your listing noticed. What you don’t want is a secret agent who can’t be located for questions or concerns or who seems to be distracted or unavailable to market your home and follow all leads.

Set the stage

Most important, hire a home stager to ensure you get the best price possible for your home. Home staging will bring you the highest offers because your home will show at its full potential. Home stagers are trained professionals that are skilled in design, décor, housing trends, buyer psychology and marketing.

If you consider these tips, they will hopefully help you in the process of selling your home.

Staging tips courtesy of Staging Works.