Get Your Toronto Home Ready To Sell!

Selling your Toronto home can be a large task. But a successful, profitable real estate transaction - especially here in Toronto - can be worth it. So let's get started - There's a lot to do!

To begin with, your Toronto real estate must be priced appropriately. Asking a price higher than what the market supports will result in slow sales and difficult financing if a buyer can be found at all.

Your Toronto house must also be prepared properly so that prospective buyers will see the good features and appreciate its full value.

Your house must then be promoted effectively. Part of this involves listing your Toronto property on the MLS but it also involves "open house" showings, communication with other Toronto realtors in the neighborhood, signage, preparation of real estate property sheets, postings on the Internet, and much more.

Then, finally, when prospective buyers are found, offers and counter-offers need to be negotiated to ensure that you are fully protected and will get the best possible contract for purchase.

I can make all of this a bit easier for you. That's my job. A few of the things I can do for you include:

What's it worth? 
The first thing you have to know about selling your house is how much it's worth. We can tell you. Arrange for a home valuation appraisal.

Other questions?
If you have any type of question regarding the sale of your home, please just ask me. If I don't know the answer, I'll chase it down for you.