Italian villages celebrate life in the town square, or as they call it, the piazza; Toronto’s Little Italy neighbourhood celebrates life on its bustling sidewalks and busy patios, giving the feel of a European piazza right in the middle of the city…not to mention it has some of the best people-watching in the city!

Pasta and Grappa and Gelato, oh my!
Yet another plus of owning Little Italy real estate: the delicious smells wafting from the local eateries that permeate virtually every corner of the neighbourhood. Even megastars like Sofia Loren have partaken in the delectable culinary treats offered on College Street, a mere cannoli’s throw away from Little Italy homes. Trattorias like the world famous Café Diplimatico serve up traditional Italian food and a family atmosphere – people come from far and wide to line up for a spot on their patio during the balmy weather. For those who like to skip right to dessert, places like The Sicilian Café offer the best in Italian coffees, gelatos, homemade ice-creams, waffles and grappa. If Italian food isn’t your thing, that’s okay, the area is rife with restaurants cooking up everything from gourmet burritos to mouth-watering Indian or Thai cosine.

Window Shopping the Italia Way
It’s lucky the Little Italy neighbourhood shops are so plentiful and perfectly situated for an after dinner stroll; otherwise an expanding waistline might be the single unfortunate by-product of buying up Little Italy real estate. Lingering along the romantically lit streets, window-shopping and stopping into the local book and music stores, specialty boutiques and gourmet food shops is just the thing for a full belly and ensures that residents don’t ever have to venture outside their own neighbourhood to find the latest fashions, bestselling novels, coolest CDs or DVDs or to pick up that one ingredient they need for making the perfect midnight snack.

Nightlife as hot as the local espresso
Little Italy homes and their owners also happily co-exist in what has recently become a mini clubbing district within the downtown Toronto core. On weekend nights the strip transforms into a glittering party atmosphere as locals and out-of-towners flood the scores of martini bars, bistros and dance clubs to be found on College Street. Music venues like the Mod Club host world class musicians in an intimate concert environment, while Revival offers everything from dancing to hip hop karaoke, depending on the night. You can even take in a midnight drag show and salsa dance the night away at El Convento Rico, or sip a few cocktails on the sand-covered back patio of the local Tiki Bar. Ciao Italia indeed!