Our goal is simple: Sell your home for the maximum value in the quickest time.

When you list your property with me, I invest both time and money to make sure your real estate listing is visible and compelling. Among other things,  I do the following:

  • Provide Counsel - I provide direct counsel to you regarding the saleability and pricing of your property.
  • Newspaper or Magazine Advertising - I regularly advertise properties I represent in "Resale Homes and Condos".
  • In-house Financing - I prepare a financing sheet to illustrate to potential buyers what financing options might exist for your home.
  • Open House Events - I generally kick off a new listing with an Agent's Open House to let other agents preview the property. Weekend Open Houses will be offered to the public as convenient for you.
  • HomeLife Exposure - Your listing will be emailed to all 5000+ HomeLife agents in 80 different GTA locations.
  • "Just Listed" - We create customized cards and flyers to send out to known prospective buyers in my personal contact database.
  • Feature Sheets - We create a customized "feature sheet" highlighting your property as a "takeaway" for visits to your property.
  • MLS Listing - We include your property in GTA MLS available to more than 30,000 agents throughout the GTA.
  • Online Advertising - We regularly create Craigslist and Kijiji® ads, as well as our own webfsite, to feature your property.
  • Personal Showing - I provide personal showings to qualified prospects.