The Christie Pits neighbourhood has a lot of histor - residents often like to regale newcomers with tales of the infamous 1933 riot or brag about the fact that the park was originally an excavation site and that much of the sand, gravel and clay d

Toronto’s downtown core may have the finest in gourmet restaurants, high-end shopping and world-renowned museums and art galleries, but those in the know understand that it’s the smaller communities that offer more in terms of authentic region-spe

The Liberty Village neighbourhood has been deemed the hottest real estate area of Toronto what with its sexy storefronts, new glossy condos and its veritable burgeoning artist’s colony.

Toronto is already lauded for being a diverse metropolis full of possibilities for people of all ages and ethnicities, but no where in the city will you find a more varied array of cultures than in the Bloorcourt Village neighbourhood.

Shop, Dine, Explore, Live, Celebrate: that may as well be the motto of this trendy up-and-coming neighbourhood that takes pride not only in its historic homes, but also in the quality of life it has to offer its residents.

Ah…Italy - The name conjures thoughts of sultry summer days spent lunching at authentic pizzerias, indulging in freshly-brewed cappuccino and listening to the near constant cacophony of little old Italian men arguing with one another while waving

Italian villages celebrate life in the town square, or as they call it, the piazza; Toronto’s Little Italy neighbourhood celebrates life on its bustling sidewalks and busy patios, giving the feel of a European piazza right in the middle of the cit

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